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A block of rooms has been set aside for the 2019 CAPWHN Conference at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre. We recommend booking your room early to ensure availability, as there are limited rooms available. Group rate bookings will not be accepted after October 1, 2019. If you are booking after that date, contact CAPWHN before booking elsewhere as we may have options available.


Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

1088 Burrard St, Vancouver BC


Room rate (taxes extra):

Traditional Room $229 (per night - single or double occupancy)


Book your room online NOW for the CAPWHN 2019 Annual Conference.


You may also call the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Reservations at 1-888-236-2427 to book your room by referencing the CAPWHN Conference rate. 


Note the cancellation policy when making your reservation.


Reservations made outside the block (e.g. through Expedia) will not receive the concessions that have been negotiated with the hotel.



That's a great question! There are many housing options available, but having delegates book within the room block is incredibly important to CAPWHN. Why does it matter?

  • We negotiate the contract about 2 years before the conference, to negotiate the best room rates. This keeps the costs reasonable for delegate, and is guaranteed to be the lowest rates available for the conference dates.
  • We reserve a block of rooms, based on our best estimates of the needs of our delegates, speakers, and exhibitors.
  • We are required to make an educated guess about the accommodation needs of our delegates and exhibitors, which can be challenging because often rooms aren't booked until close to the cut off date. Although we are given the opportunity to reduce our room block a few months before the conference, this has resulted in attendees not having a room at the conference hotel and needing to book elsewhere. 
  • If we do not reduce our block of rooms in a reasonable time frame, we risk having too many rooms which costs CAPWHN thousands of dollars in penalties - and ultimately impacts future conference costs and CAPWHN’s bottom line. As part of our conference contract, the hotel requires a minimum amount of revenue from the CAPWHN Conference, which includes guest room revenue, and food and beverage revenue.
  • Those minimums allow us to have bargaining power for meeting room rental costs, thus keeping the registration fee for the conference stable.

Filling the guest room block is critical to the conference's success - both in terms of delegate numbers, and in terms of meeting our contractual obligations. If that's not enough, consider:

  • Concessions: There are concessions in the guest room block and rate that have been negotiated with you, the delegate, in mind. For example we negotiate Wi-Fi into the room rate for both the guest rooms and conference meeting space. In addition, the Hotel has many other amenities to make your stay even more memorable including a pool, whirlpool, amazing restaurants and a concierge.
  • Safety: It is recommended that CAPWHN members stay in the conference hotel as it is a safe environment, conveniently located and comfortably equipped. The hotel is insured, which means you are protected should there be an untoward event. CAPWHN is also insured for the conference, increasing your protection.
  • Networking: Networking after hours just isn't the same if you are staying off-site. Some of the best conversations happen at our social events and after the conference sessions! Staying on site means you don’t miss out on those opportunities.

Get the most out of your CAPWHN Conference experience - book within the block!





The only hotel room block organized by CAPWHN for the 2019 CAPWHN Conference is listed above. CAPWHN does not endorse or recommend booking hotel reservations through any source other than the hotel itself. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact CAPWHN. Contact information is listed on the Registration Information page.


Merci à nos commanditaires - nous apprécions votre appui!

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