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The design of the CAPWHN logo is drawn from the classic pose of the birthing woman. Historical birth art illustrates the woman as the most important person, locating her in the center of the picture. This reflects CAPWHN’s focus of care upon the woman through her life span, from the fetal/newborn period, through the childbearing years to the aging woman. The logo emphasizes the multi-generational aspects of women’s health care by using three figures, but makes the central woman’s figure a darker blue colour so the eye will be drawn to her.


CAPWHN’s focus includes the promotion of fetal and newborn health. The paler periwinkle colour of the fetus/newborn reflects a belief that the health of the woman is the most important determinant of the health of the fetus/newborn. The figure on the left may also be conceived as the helper for the woman, at any stage in her life, and is shown as gender neutral, both in design and use of the paler periwinkle colour. The helper may be the male or female partner, another family member, the larger, extended family, the nurse or the community.



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